Thursday, December 13, 2007

Mixing / Mastering

I believe that writing a good song is easier than making one sound good.

Mixing and mastering is a science that I am just beginning to understand. The two big dogs seem to be the compressor and limiter, but I cant help but feel the real secrets lie somewhere in the other goodies, like the Exciter, finesse with EQ, and the MultiMeter (visual tool only, I think!).

Thank goodness for Izotope Ozone 3. This thing has worked wonders for me so far...


grymmjack said...

:) ozone is like a magic-wand isn't it? have you seen the izotope RX thing yet? watch the movie, you will freak. so cool.

nice site, waiting on link still to listen to music however.

Nerdhappy said...

Ozone can bring an amateur to the middle levels of mastering just by turning the thing on! Finding this program pretty much saved the day for me, so I gotta give thanks to my friend Tony Rohr, who told me about the app.

I'll check out that RX thing tonight... I really like the idea of a quality denoiser, the one on Logic has never really worked for me.