Monday, February 16, 2009

Let It Be

At the 2:20 mark of "Let It Be", there is a little beep in the background that sounds exactly like someone is pushing a button on a phone.


stuporfly said...

Which version?

Listen to "Hey Jude" closely some time. Between 2:56-2:58, Lennon audibly yells, "Oh!" and "Fucking Hell!"

Nerdhappy said...

Let It Be straight off of Let It Be. I dont know of other versions... but now I want to find them.

I only have 67 beatles songs in my collection and sadly Hey Jude isnt one of them.

stuporfly said...

67 Beatles' songs? I won't tell Madeline - She'll never speak to you again.

There are loads of versions of "Let it Be," though the vast majority come from the extensively bootlegged sessions surrounding the material of that era. But apparently the single mix of the song is different than the one which appeared on the album. I can't remember why that is, though.