Thursday, April 30, 2009

Morning Dear

As I walked to work this morning, a 50 year old woman with greyish hair and a black tshirt headed towards me on the sidewalk.

"Hello Dear", she said.
"Good morning", I replied.
"Good morning to you too Dear...", she answered.

I couldnt help but smile because she seemed so caring.

Then my mind designed a fantastic scenario that she was the ghost of my great-great-great-great-grandmother, which of course explained why she was so nice to me.

Nobody knows what happens when we die, but if, in some way your ancestors have persevered, you can bet the farm that they love you.


Anonymous said...

50? that is me in 10 years..please edit your old lady stories

Kristiane Aubin

Nerdhappy said...

I never said she was old, the other post is about old people!

Anonymous said...

I know that thirsty old lady. A little bird told me she's on the game.