Monday, May 18, 2009

Barclay's Hates Highlights

Trying to find online video highlights of Tottenham vs Man City is like buying drugs. You need to go to all sorts of seedy (website) hangouts, and then you have this "Oh man, I hope I dont get busted" feeling while you're there.

What devastating consequences would the Premier League suffer if football fans were able to go to the Barclay's website and watch highlights of their favorite teams?

I imagine the league would crumble instantly.

Eventually I always get my fix. Usually the the announcers are speaking in Korean or Estonian, and the quality is reminiscent of the dreaded RealPlayer via a 56K modem back in the 90s. But there she be, my sweet highlights. Ahhhh.

This is how Barclay's wants it. This is Barclay's online marketing strategy. Maybe they're more genius than I give them credit, bc/ to be honest, as much as it makes me resent them... it does make me want to watch more.

And maybe if I had gotten a really crisp, clean and pure online highlight fix this week, when next week rolled around, instead of watching the final game vs Liverpool, I'd just be content to wait until next season. Yes Barclay's, that sounds about right.


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