Friday, March 6, 2009

Lesser Gods Make Tiny Problems

Sweater, check.
Coat, check.
Backpack, check.

Three minutes into my walk to work I was attacked by an upper middle back itch from the shady side of the river styx. Despite my best efforts to defend myself (cut to: grown man on sidewalk clumsily reaching for the pretty arrow in his spine) I couldnt reach it, "Almost... there...".

Then this arrives on my walkman: Young Folks

A good song, but not a good song when you cant scratch that itch. There's a tambourine-y thing in the beginning that sounds exactly like itching, and that whistling just sings, "I'm a little itch you cannot reach! You can try but you will fail. Did you really think that you could scratch me?"


raisinettes said...

Check your shoe laces.
Are you prepared for the break?

Nerdhappy said...

Mentally, yes.