Thursday, March 19, 2009

The New Yorker . Cartoon Caption Contest Failures (II)

< Cartoon by Tom Cheney for The New Yorker>

"Oh My God! Harold! Harold! Call 911! For the love of God! Call 911!!!"
Submitted by Sarah Mellick
Balpeck, NJ

"Oh great. A car just crashed into our bedroom. Well, at least it didnt actually touch our bed, because I just washed these sheets and getting those fitted sheets onto the bed is quite a pain, dont you think?"
Submitted by Merrily Sinex
Arturine, NM

"I'm telling you honey, that must be a flying car. Look at the angle... it came through the roof AND the wall. A normal car driving on the road could never have gotten that high. If you dont believe me, fine, but I know I'm right. Just like I was right last Thursday when you said 30 Rock was a repeat, and you said it wasnt, but it was, remember?"
Submitted by John Pilgrim
Grapenest, AL


Xmastime said...

"Bob & Carol are here."


Nerdhappy said...

That's pretty good! Definitely cant label that one a failure!

raisinettes said...

" The kids are home - good night dear"!

ope said...


Nerdhappy said...

I think Xmastime and Raisinettes have the gift. My goal with these things is to show how amazed I am that people can come up with funny stuff... by showing intentionally horrid examples.

But their captions are legit! Here's proof, raisinettes caption is very similar to one of the top 3. (FTR, I'd bet my house that raisinettes wouldnt touch the New Yorker with a ten foot pole, so this is not an accusation of plagiarism!)

raisinettes said...

thank you for your continued vote of confidence.
Don't think I have ever even picked up an issue to look at it!